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"The Place Where Artistry Meets Authenticity"

Tamika J Artistry

"Embrace Your Unique Beauty"

Dive into the enchanting world of Tamika J, a revered celebrity makeup artist and stylist, where every stroke of the brush is a step towards unveiling your unique beauty. With over two decades of experience in the beauty industry, Tamika J embodies a blend of artistic finesse, passionate engagement, and a relentless pursuit to help individuals feel and look their best.

Our Mission

Tamika J's mission transcends beyond mere aesthetics; it’s about fostering a space where individuals can embrace their true selves, unabashedly. Through personalized beauty solutions, Tamika strives to accentuate the authentic beauty inherent in every individual, encouraging them to wear their uniqueness with pride and grace.

Our Vision

To create a holistic beauty experience where self-expression and self-love flourish. Tamika J envisions a community where individuals are empowered to celebrate their distinct beauty and where her artistry serves as a catalyst for self-discovery and confidence.

Our Commitment

Your satisfaction and self-empowerment are at the heart of Tamika J’s artistry. Our commitment is to provide a nurturing environment, high-quality products, and exceptional services tailored to meet your unique beauty aspirations. With a keen eye for the latest beauty trends coupled with a timeless, classic touch, Tamika J endeavors to provide a seamless and enriching beauty journey for all her clients.


Meet Tamika J

The Artisan of Elegance and Empowerment

Tamika J is a name that reverberates with the essence of beauty, elegance, and the transformative power of makeup. With a glorious journey spanning over two decades in the beauty industry, Tamika has evolved into a celebrated celebrity makeup artist and stylist. Under her brand, Kandi Girl Cosmetics, she has become an expert in her own right, taking on all aspects of beauty and business. Her artistic finesse turns every face she touches into a canvas of beauty, telling stories of empowerment and self-confidence.

The recent rekindling of her partnership with Mary Kay marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in her journey. Now a proud part-owner of Naturally U Haircare Salon in Martinez, GA, Tamika's cozy "Beauty Nook" is a haven for both children and adults seeking to experience her touch that has become a hallmark in the area of makeup and styling.

This venture isn't just a business endeavor, but a manifestation of Tamika's enduring commitment to providing personalized beauty solutions. It's a union of her profound skincare knowledge with her impeccable makeup artistry skills, offering a holistic beauty oasis to all her clients.  The entrepreneurial spirit in Tamika birthed Kandi Girl Cosmetics, her very own product line set for a grand reintroduction to the public in Spring 2024. This line epitomizes quality, inclusivity, and the flamboyance that Tamika J embodies.

Tamika's horizons extend beyond the makeup chair. As a seasoned speaker, coach, and mentor, she navigates through the realms of beauty, branding, and business, guiding aspiring souls towards their dreams. Her ventures in custom inspirational T-shirts and accessories for women, book publishing, branding/marketing stand as testaments to her diverse business acumen.

The radio waves and online platforms resonate with Tamika's ethos of empowerment through her engaging radio/TV personality ventures. In her cherished podcast “Conversations with Queens,” she orchestrates heart-to-heart dialogues with women making remarkable strides in homes and communities. Meanwhile, the “Queen” spotlight further illuminates inspiring narratives of women excelling in business, family, ministry, and beyond through magazine-like articles. With her soon to be released beauty books ranging from affirmation coloring books for kids to basic beauty tips for teens and adults, she is sure to cover all bases when it comes to her passion for beauty.

Stationed at the Naturally U Haircare Salon, Tamika continues her quest to beautify the world one face at a time, while nurturing minds and souls through her illuminating platforms. The world of Tamika J is a blend of aesthetic elegance, substantive discourse, and the spark of empowerment.

Your journey towards a radiant, self-assured, and beautiful self is but a rendezvous away with Tamika J—where beauty is not just seen but felt and echoed through every stroke of her brush and every word she shares. The legacy of Tamika J not only lies in creating timeless beauty but also in inspiring, educating, and uplifting others to embrace their own unique essence.

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Tamika J...

"The Place Where Artistry Meets Authenticity"

Standing Out

Tamika J brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a personalized touch to the beauty industry. Having worked alongside celebrity makeup artists, behind the scenes on fashion shows, NY Fashion Week, and on the set of television shows, her expertise is seasoned and diverse. Tamika’s approach is not only about enhancing physical beauty but about narrating a story of self-love, empowerment, and confidence through her artistry.

Engage with TJ

Discover the plethora of services, workshops, and products offered by Tamika J that are designed to enrich your beauty regimen and inspire self-assurance. Explore the site to learn more about how Tamika J’s artistry can transform your beauty journey. Engage with us, share your beauty aspirations, and let Tamika J help you discover and celebrate your unique beauty. Your adventure towards self-expression, empowerment, and a radiant you begins here, with Tamika J.




Explore Our Tailor-Made Beauty Services


At Tamika J, we offer a curated array of services designed to cater to your beauty aspirations, enhance your makeup skills, and provide professional insights into the beauty industry. Discover a realm where creativity, learning, and personal enhancement come together to offer a fulfilling beauty adventure. Here’s a glimpse of the services we offer:

Book an Appointment

Embark on a transformative beauty journey with Tamika J by booking your personalized session today. Whether you desire a one-on-one makeup tutorial, a group workshop, skincare consultation, or professional makeup application for a special event, your pathway to radiant beauty is just a booking away. It's more than just a makeup session; it's an experience that leaves you empowered, enlightened, and exuding confidence. Secure your spot to discover the artistry, education, and exceptional services that await you at Tamika J. Your adventure towards unveiling a more confident and beautiful you begins with a simple booking. Reserve your session now and step into a world where beauty meets empowerment.



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